Getting Started with The Passive Income Masterclass

4 Proven Passive Income Sources That Are Working Right Now
This is a 2-hour, TEDx Style Masterclass with 4 Leading Financial Minds on one stage with nothing to sell you.
The Goal:
To educate and open your eyes to building passive income and financial freedom for yourself and your families… which is why this masterclass is 100% free.
Meet The Experts:
Sharran Srivatsaa, President of The Real Brokerage (Nasdaq: REAX)
Russ Morgan, Partner at Wealth Without Wall Street
Mark Podolsky, The Land Geek
Joey Mure, Partner at Wealth Without Wall Street
In this 100% free TEDx style masterclass, these 4 experts are going to breakdown these tactical strategies for you:
#1: Golden Eggs without the Goose
A proven strategy where you can build an attractive passive income without having to buy or own anything. 
#2: Double Double, No Trouble
The current strategy that is delivering the “double” of your investment, completely passively, while getting income and tax advantages in the process. 
#3: Cash Is King, But Needs A New Throne
With $6 for an Americano at Starbucks and overall rampant inflation, the foundational strategy for passive income is to supercharge your cash management. 
#4: 300% ROI with continuous monthly income 
Take advantage of one of the most inefficient markets in the United States and create passive income without having to put up much cash. 


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