Affiliate Program FAQs


Is there a cost to join the WWWS affiliate program? 

No, there is no cost to join our affiliate program and start making money with us. 


How can I sign up to become a WWWS affiliate? 

Simply click this link to complete our short application form. Someone from our team will review your application and respond accordingly. 


Who should apply to WWWS affiliate program? 

The ideal affiliates are those who have an established brand where they discuss topics such as passive income, investing, retirement, early retirement, side hustles, making money, entrepreneurship, real estate investing, and financial freedom. 

That being said, anyone can become a successful affiliate if they are passionate about sharing our products and services and we can provide some basic training for those who need it. 


How do I get paid? 

We pay commissions monthly and you can choose to get paid via direct deposit, wire, or PayPal. 


How does affiliate marketing work? 

The basic mechanics of affiliate marketing involve promoting a product or service through a custom website link (a.k.a. affiliate link) that is tracked to you. If the person completes a purchase after clicking your link, you will earn a commission for that product or service. The goal is to get your affiliate link in front of as many people as possible, by doing so in an ethical manner. (Please note: The FTC establishes rules around how you can promote your link, so you cannot just spam it anywhere and everywhere.) 

If I get stuck or have questions, will I be able to get help? 

Yes, we have a dedicated affiliate manager and a support team to make sure that you are supported because we want you to win. When you win, we win, and the customer wins!